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Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer After Being Injured In An Accident


The Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC is explaining to South Carolina residents why it is so important to hire a personal injury lawyer when a victim has been injured in any kind of accident caused by a third party.

(Columbia, SC January 2022) When South Carolina resident is hurt through no fault of their own, they should always contact a personal injury attorney to assess their legal rights. A personal injury attorney can help the injured victim file an injury claim against the at-fault party and help their client get the settlement they are entitled to.

At the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC South Carolina residents can trust that they will have the necessary legal representation to receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Car accidents are probably the most common reason that people are accidentally injured through no fault of their own. People may think that their own car insurance company will handle everything and they don’t have to worry about anything. This is just not true. If a victim wants to get the highest possible settlement, they need to hire a private car accident lawyer who cares about the outcome.

South Carolina is an “at-fault” state. This means that whichever driver caused the accident, their insurance must cover the expenses of the accident up to their policy limit. Many drivers will carry only the minimum amount required by law so that their premium cost is lower.

Hiring a car accident lawyer will make it possible for the victim to file a lawsuit to recover the amount of compensation that they actually deserve. Attorney Sharpe is an experienced negotiator who will make sure the victim is properly compensated.

Car accidents are not the only time a South Carolina resident may need a personal injury attorney. Residents are sometimes injured due to medical malpractice. Doctors are human and therefore capable of making mistakes.

When doctors make slip-ups like medication errors, misdiagnoses, or surgical errors, the person who is harmed will need to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to cover their expenses. Some injuries may cause a victim to have huge medical bills for many years, plus more years of rehab expenses. There will also be a need to cover loss of income while recuperating and possible loss of ability to work for many years.

Another area where Attorney Sharpe can help victims recoup their losses is in cases where there is a defective product. When a person has been injured because of an auto defect like a faulty accelerator or any other car part, they will need a personal injury lawyer to bring a lawsuit so that they can receive the proper compensation.

Sometimes residents of nursing homes will need a personal injury attorney. Many times, nursing home staff members are overworked and neglect the proper care of their residents. Nursing home residents may be harmed by falling, getting bedsores from not being turned frequently, or by medical negligence.

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Personal injury attorney Patrick C. Sharpe has been advocating for the rights of injured clients throughout South Carolina for many years. He knows how to skillfully navigate the legal system, and if necessary, fight for you in court. His industry insight, combined with his personable demeanor, makes him the personal injury attorney you want in your corner after being injured. He has won hundreds of settlements for South Carolina residents who have been injured through no fault of their own.