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What Makes Its Top Criminal And DUI Attorney, Patrick Sharpe Unique

Criminal Defense

The Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC is a premier criminal defense law firm. They outlined what makes its top criminal and DUI attorney Patrick Sharpe the go-to criminal lawyer for the residents of Columbia, SC.

(Columbia, SC February 2022) Criminal defense lawyer Patrick Sharpe has focused his career on defending the rights of South Carolina residents. He serves clients who have been arrested or charged with criminal offenses in South Carolina. Attorney Sharpe is devoted to representing clients facing various criminal charges, including people involved in assault, domestic violence, shoplifting, drug charges, property crimes, and DUI charges.

What makes Patrick Sharpe unique is his deep understanding of each of his client’s situations, along with his aggressive approach to defending his client’s legal rights and freedom. As a top-rated Columbia criminal defense lawyer, he has worked as a defender and prosecutor for various public offices representing clients charged with offenses. Attorney Sharpe uses effective strategic defenses to fight a case and advocate for the charges to be dropped or dismissed.

If you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with a criminal offense, it’s important to have legal representation from an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. You should always speak with a criminal defense attorney before speaking with anyone else pertaining to your charges. Attorney Sharpe will work tirelessly to ensure that each of his clients is given a fair trial.

About Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC

Before founding his own law office in 2016, Attorney Patrick Sharpe worked as an Assistant Public Defender and later as an Assistant City Attorney. With his extensive courtroom experience on both sides of the aisle, he is the best choice when a person has been accused of a crime. The Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC provides legal representation for the criminal defense practice areas of domestic violence, DUI/DWI, drug charges, assault, shoplifting, and property crimes.