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What Rights Do Assault Victims Have?

Assault does not always involve a physical injury. South Carolina law defines assault as injuring, attempting to injure, or threatening to injure another person. The act can leave a victim feeling defenseless and strip the individual of any comfort.

As an assault victim, you deserve to get any help possible to return to your normal life. Our South Carolina assault and battery injury lawyers have represented hundreds of assault victims with great success.

Victims’ Bill of Rights

In 1996, over 80% of South Carolinians voted to amend the state constitution to add the Victim’s Bill of Rights. South Carolina stipulates an assault victim’s rights as the following:

Crime Victim Compensation Fund

The state has a Crime Victim Compensation Fund, which seeks to compensate victims for any losses they sustain due to an assault. To receive compensation from the Department of Crime Victim Compensation (DCVC), the following must pertain:

How Can a South Carolina Assault and Battery Injury Lawyer Assist Me?

If you have been attacked or threatened by someone, you should immediately contact the police. Law enforcement will gather the necessary evidence and hand the case over to a prosecutor. The prosecutor will decide whether or not to press charges.

The court may order the offender to pay you restitution. While this may cover some of your losses, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator. This will allow you to recover compensation for the full extent of your compensatory damages (monetary and non-monetary losses).

We understand that your losses are not just financial, and we care about the quality of your life. If you decide to file a personal injury suit, our South Carolina assault and battery injury lawyers can help you recover damages for lost wages, future lost earnings, medical expenses, and mental anguish.

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