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Civil Rights Lawyer In Columbia, SC

As Americans and South Carolinians, we are bestowed rights and protections that are the bedrock of our society. Under the United States and South Carolina Constitutions, we are guaranteed life, safety, and freedom from discrimination and repression. Unfortunately, certain individuals, institutions, or instructions may disregard these sacred rights in certain instances.

Our Columbia civil rights attorneys at the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis understand the pain and stress of having your rights violated. We want to help. Below, learn about civil rights laws and cases in South Carolina, then contact our attorneys with questions. Our lawyers were born and raised in Columbia, and we will fight zealously for justice in your civil rights case.

Civil Rights Claims In Columbia

A civil rights violation in South Carolina can involve illegal discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in the following situations:

When you’re at work, you are protected from discrimination and sexual harassment. It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, or being in an interracial marriage.

Also, if your school gets federal funds, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual violence are illegal. If you believe you’re a victim of any type of sexual misconduct, speak to our Columbia civil rights attorneys immediately.

Job Discrimination Laws In South Carolina

Federal and state laws prohibit workplace discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act outlaws discrimination at work based on sex, national origin, race, color, or religion. Other federal laws ban discrimination based on disability or age. Furthermore, the South Carolina Human Affairs Law bans employment discrimination in these ways:

If you’re discriminated against in the workplace, you can file a claim with two organizations:

It may be preferable to file the case with the EEOC; South Carolina employment laws limit compensatory and punitive damages, such as for your emotional pain and suffering. Whichever agency handles your claim, they share with each other when handling a job-related discrimination claim. So, filing with both isn’t necessary.

South Carolina Civil Rights Laws

South Carolina law also outlaws intimidation, harassment, and bullying on a school campus. You could have a possible civil lawsuit against either the person or the school. If an educational institution does not respond properly to a harassment claim, there are legal options.

Civil Rights Violations By Police and Prisoner’s Rights

Unfortunately, in some cases, law enforcement can arrest someone in certain cases without probable cause for the charge. Even if the case is dismissed, it is very difficult for those people who are unlawfully charged to rehabilitate their reputation. Even worse, a person can lose their job just by being charged. The stress, fear, anxiety, and other emotional distress that can arise from being unlawfully arrested, and the attorneys at Sharpe & Leventis can assist you in obtaining compensation for what was lost.

When someone is in jail or prison, certain privileges and rights are taken away. However, the 1st, 4th, 8th, 14th and other amendments to the United States Constitution still stand to protect inmates. Inmates still have a right to receive medical care when in need, to be free from assault and battery, to be protected from violent inmates, etc. When these rights are violated, inmates can suffer severe consequences. The attorneys at Sharpe & Leventis will fight for the basic rights of inmates in federal and state court and will assist inmates in obtaining compensation for constitutional violations by the government or other institutions.

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Being discriminated against and having your rights violated can make you feel less than others. This is both wrong and illegal. The Columbia civil rights attorneys at the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis sympathize with your plight and want to represent your interests. Please call our Columbia civil rights attorneys today for a confidential consultation or contact us using our online form.