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Has a debt collector harassed you at 1 am? Did you receive obnoxious telemarketer robocalls? Or did your bank charge you unfair overdraft fees? Your consumer rights may have been violated if these apply to you. Most organizations behave ethically and try to provide value to consumers. Sadly, other organizations sometimes thrive on legally questionable practices that exploit and harm consumers and communities.

Our Columbia consumer protection attorneys strive to relieve victims of deceptive business practices and misconduct. The attorneys at the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis were born and bred in Columbia and may help you pursue legal action to recover damages from unscrupulous organizations. Learn more about South Carolina consumer protections below, then contact us if you think your consumer rights were violated.

Common Consumer Rights Violations In South Carolina

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and unethical companies have more options than ever to manipulate and defraud consumers. Our consumer rights attorneys never hesitate to take aggressive legal action against organizations that break the law and violate consumers’ rights. Our attorneys can represent you in the following matters:

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Consumers are provided with certain rights in the United States, but unscrupulous businesses frequently violate those rights. The Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis understands how upsetting and stressful it can be when a business violates your rights. Please call our Columbia consumer protection attorneys today for a confidential consultation about your civil case or contact us with our online form.