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Many accidents can occur on public and private property, resulting in injuries and damages. If the owners or managers were negligent and did not fix the hazard that caused your slip and fall, they could be liable in a South Carolina personal injury lawsuit.

Below, you’ll learn about slip and fall claims and lawsuits. If you have questions about your case, our Columbia slip-and-fall attorneys at the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis have the skill and experience to assist you. Our attorneys were born and raised in Columbia and will assist with every step of the legal process.

How Often Do Slip-and-Fall Accidents Happen?

Anyone can fall and injure themselves. However, the CDC states that 25% of adults over 65 will fall this year, but just half will be reported. Also, 95% of broken hips are caused by slip and fall accidents. The National Safety Council Reports that slip-and-fall accidents are the top danger for seniors.

South Carolina Premise Liability Laws

South Carolina premises liability laws state that property owners have a duty of care to ensure their properties are safe for visitors or warn them if there is a hazard. When there is a temporary danger, the owner or manager has a ‘reasonable time’ to address the defect. A property owner who does not adhere to their legal duty can be held responsible for your injuries and losses.

The most common premises liability case in South Carolina is a slip-and-fall accident. Various liquids, such as grease, foods, oil, water, etc., can cause a slipping hazard in retail stores, grocery stores, office buildings, banks, apartment complex common areas and more. These accidents also can occur on sidewalks and in private homes. Any hazardous condition should be addressed as soon as the owner becomes aware. Also, hazard signs must be posted when the problem cannot be immediately remedied.

Other common causes of slip-and-fall accidents that could be legally actionable include but are not limited to:

Who Is Liable For A Slip-and-Fall Injury In South Carolina?

It’s possible that the owner of the store, house, or property is different than the occupier. For example, a real estate investor in Florida could own your local retail store’s space. However, the owner of the store could rent it out to someone else. Or a family may reside in the home across the street, but the homeowner lives across town.

Individuals and businesses often rent out property to other people and businesses. That’s why it can be challenging for a slip-and-fall accident victim to pinpoint who should be held responsible. Additionally, deciding who should pay for damages can be complicated depending on how the accident occurred.

When you call our Columbia slip-and-fall attorneys for legal assistance, we’ll quickly determine who should be sued for damages. In some cases, it might be best to file a claim against the occupier and the property owner.

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