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Client Testimonials

Read some client testimonials and see the kind of experience you can have when you choose the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC.

Mr. Sharp has represented me several times and he has always gotten the best outcomes for; in addition, his staff is great! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

Bethany M.

I cannot believe how good he was for me. The experience exceeded every expectation ten-fold... You will not find a more intelligent attorney who treats you like a human being. I cannot give him a stronger endorsement.

Steven D.

I appreciate the work that Mr. Sharpe did to help me with my citations. He kept me informed about all of my options as well as ensured I received the best results. Highly recommended

Andre B.

Patrick was very responsive when we called for updates on our case and the outcome was very positive. I would highly recommend Patrick and wouldn't hesitate to ask him to represent us again should the need arrive.


I adore Patrick’s efforts as a law professional. Outstanding work. He showed up to court appearance and had a trustworthy colleague stand in to with me because he had to leave last minute. However, this action - amongst many - truly proved he values his profession.

Daja B.

He was able to successfully defend me, getting the prosecutor to drop charges, from a speed trap speeding ticket.

Bryes H.

Pat Sharpe is a pristine and very respected lawyer in the community. He handled my case with grace and was with me every single step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Sharpe.

Daja S.

I’ve known Patrick for several years and have watched him practice. He is exceptionally professional and responsive. He is a phenomenal DUI Defense Attorney.

Stephen K.

Excellent lawyer, highly recommend!

Phillip J.

Mr. Sharpe was able to dismiss my ticket and get others reduced. I highly recommend him!

Aherial P.

Would definitely use him again! He stayed in touch with me which meant a lot.

Ron K.

Patrick is a lawyer I would highly recommend. He is incredibly professional and helped me tremendously in my time of need. He was very easy to work with and he made himself available for meetings or phone calls whenever I had a question or needed to speak with him. If anyone is looking for a lawyer that will put your best interest first, Pat is the lawyer I would highly recommend. I am very grateful I chose Pat in my time of need.

Douglas A.

I received a ticket while driving home from my brother’s graduation. I was so worried since I was out of state. Found Patrick Sharpe and he was so responsive. Kept me updated the whole time. The ticket was dismissed!!!!! Could have had major points deducted. Highly recommend him for any traffic violations.

Jailyn J.

Great experience! I had a traffic ticket in South Carolina and I live in Atlanta. He went to court on my behalf and had my ticket dismissed! He was very professional and communicated very well.

Sharia D.

Attorney Sharpe is outstanding in their knowledge of the law. His service is superior and extremely professional. I recommend his highly skilled area of expertise.

Tanya B.

Handled a civil matter at the last minute with a busy schedule. One of the more professional lawyers I’ve dealt with. ⚖️

Sheri B.

I was very pleased with how Mr. Patrick Sharpe handled my traffic violation. He was very patient and listened to details. It made me feel a sense of protection throughout the entire process. I would email or call him & he would get back to me within a 24-hour period. I highly recommend his services and I will surely use him in the future if I run into any similar situations. He had my case laid to rest without me going to court! Very pleased with his performance overall! Thank you Sincerely, Coach Winfred Hood

Bigcat C.

Thanks, Pat for helping even when you aren’t being paid. Great listener and advisor! He is referred with a high recommendation!

Nicki G.

This gentleman is outstanding. He resolved my problem professionally, swiftly, and patiently. He kept me posted on the progress of my case. I highly recommend Lawyer Sharpe to handle your legal issues or concerns. He "will" get it done!

Courtenay V.

Mr. Sharpe was successful in getting my traffic ticket dismissed. He was very professional and excellent throughout the process. The best part was that I didn't have to show up to court. Mr. Sharpe took care of everything for me. I highly recommend the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC.

James H.

Mr. Sharpe was very efficient while representing me as well as very effective. He is a very professional and understanding person that will do everything within the court system to help you and your case.

Cameron B.

In representing me, Mr. Sharp did a great job and I would recommend him for your needs as well.

Carrie P.

My experience with the Law Office of Patrick C. Sharpe was great. Mr. Sharpe was professional, efficient, and personable. I highly recommend his services.

Nichole Y.G.

I received a traffic citation while traveling in Columbia, SC. After speaking with Mr. Sharpe and weighing the options. I decided to appear in court instead of paying for the ticket. The end result was that the citation was dismissed and my driving record remains clear. The services of this law firm are highly recommended.

Tim J.

Thanks for a great job on the traffic ticket.

Jim T.

I had a very excellent experience. Not only were my needs met, but they were also exceeded. I highly recommend if you’re seeking assistance, to look no further.

Prussia S.

Awesome experience!!! Definitely exceeded expectations. Highly recommended 💪💪💪

Leshunn W.

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