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What Will Retaining a DUI Lawyer Cost Me?

For many people facing a DUI charge, money can be a huge concern. A DUI charge comes with various costs, which include the cost of retaining a DUI lawyer. While the cost of hiring a DUI lawyer can be concerning, you cannot place a dollar value on your freedom, livelihood, and reputation. To understand why the cost of retaining a South Carolina Dui lawyer is inconsequential, you must understand what you may face if you get convicted of DUI.

The Consequences and Financial Burden of a DUI Conviction

The circumstances surrounding each DUI case will significantly vary from one case to another. Consequently, the consequences and cost of a DUI conviction will depend on the specific charge you are facing. For instance, if you did not injure or kill another individual when you committed the DUI offense and it’s your first DUI, the cost can reach $992, which includes surcharges and assessments. If it’s your second DUI offense, the cost can be as high as $10,744, and if it’s your third DUI offense, the cost can run up to $13,234.

The penalties for a DUI conviction also vary. For example, a first DUI offense can land you in prison for 30 days, a second DUI offense comes with a year of imprisonment, a third DUI offense carries up to three years in prison, and a fourth or subsequent DUI offense can land you in prison for five years. Depending on the offense, you may also lose your driver’s license for six months to four years or lose it permanently.

If you are charged with a felony DUI because you injured or killed someone during the DUI incident, the cost, including surcharges and assessments, is $21,119 up to $52,244. The judge may also order you to pay restitution to the victims you injured and sentence you up to 15 to 25 years in prison.

In addition, you may have to pay for probation fees, monitoring fees, bail, court fees, and traffic school, among many others. What’s more, your auto insurance premiums will increase significantly, or you may have a difficult time looking for a new auto insurer.

The Cost of Hiring a South Carolina DUI Lawyer

While retaining a DUI lawyer is not exactly cheap for most people, as detailed above, the potential penalties and cost of a DUI conviction are significantly higher. In most cases, a DUI lawyer may cost $2,000 up to $5,000. It’s important to note that the specific cost will depend on the lawyer’s reputation, resources, and experience.

The specific DUI charge you are facing will also impact this cost. For instance, first DUI cases will require fewer resources and time than felony DUI cases. Additionally, the fee arrangement will also take into account the possibility of getting the DUI charge dismissed, reaching a favorable plea bargain, or fighting the charge in a trial.

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