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When facing criminal charges, whether it is a DUI, drug crime, domestic violence, or another offense, retaining the services of an experienced attorney is the best action you can take. Even if you have not been arrested or charged but are being investigated, you should have the protection and counsel of a professional. Early intervention can have big consequences, including cases being dropped and charges never being filed. 

However, at any stage of a criminal matter, navigating the criminal justice system calls for professional help. The stakes can be high, including jail or prison time, hefty fines, long probations, and other court actions. Prosecutors aggressively pursue charges in seeking convictions. Putting an equally tenacious and skilled defender on your side is a must to level the playing field and give you the best chance of a favorable outcome. 

If you are facing any type of criminal accusation in Irmo, you can turn to a criminal defense lawyer backed by experience that includes time spent both as a public defender and as a prosecutor. Because of this, Mr. Sharpe has gained valuable insight into how prosecutors operate. This advantage, along with his focus, passion, and broad understanding of the law, makes him the defender you will want. 

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At the Law Office of Sharpe & Leventis, LLC, we handle a broad range of criminal cases with a special focus on DUI defense. 

These offenses can include:

While you may be aware of the immediate consequences of a criminal charge, you may not understand the long-term collateral damage to your life. A criminal conviction means a permanent criminal record that can be accessed by anyone in the future, including prospective employers, landlords, and educational institutions. Additionally, a criminal record may disqualify you from a professional license in a trade or career, such as for piloting, real estate, teaching, nursing, pharmacy, electrical, plumbing, accounting, and more. 

When your reputation, freedom, and future prospects are on the line, nothing is more important than fighting back with an effective defense. That takes the knowledge, skill, and commitment of a defense lawyer who will do everything legally possible to help you get the optimum outcome. 

At our firm, we believe you should contact us as soon as possible in an investigation or after an arrest or charge. To make sure that you have the defense you need, prompt action is required so that we can begin our intensive investigation into the facts. Evidence and witness testimony can fade over time which could be crucial in exposing flaws and weaknesses in the case against you. 

We know that arrests and charges are a life crisis that can deeply affect you, your family, and your livelihood. The criminal justice system can be daunting to face. Let us use our experience and skills to give you the assistance you need at this critical time. Call today. 

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